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New! Questions about NASH/NAFLD (Fatty Liver)? Learn about signs, symptoms, and prevention here!

Teacher's Corner! Modules, activities,

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Hepatitis & Obesity: Adding Insult to Injury  

Your Liver, Your Life, Your Choice.


Meet Your


What does your liver

do for you?

New! Your Liver, Your Life, Your Choice Poster

Take a look at our newest poster, with life saving liver health messages. 

5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Your Liver

Do you know what your liver does for you? You might be surprised at how important it is to your health, and life itself.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall. Your Body's Early Warning System.

Your liver is a non-complainer so you likely won't feel pain if it's in trouble. But one look in the mirror can give you some early warning signs. 

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The Facts 


         Approximately half a billion individuals around the                  world are living with a liver disease

         Viral hepatitis, a silent epidemic, claims 1.4 million lives            annually - making it comparable to HIV, tuberculosis,                and malaria. 

         Many chronic liver related diseases including                          hepatitis, obesity, fatty liver, diabetes, high cholesterol,            and drug & alcohol abuse are preventable

LHI's Strategy 

Preventing disease, promoting screenings, and                 improving patient adherence to treatment regimen

depends on an understanding of the importance

of the liver.

Liver health education is the critical rationale, for                 motivating  individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles, and

avoid risk behaviors.

LHI works to promote liver health education by

creating educational materials, collaborating with organizations, and influencing health policy.