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Your gift will help fill the liver knowledge gap . . .

Liver health information has been extremely limited or absent in school curricula for decades, contributing to the current epidemics of liver-related diseases worldwide.​ Liver Health Initiative is the only non-profit organization solely dedicated to promoting primary prevention and education about the liver. We need your help to give the liver a voice, so that individuals can understand why and how to protect it from harm.

How we put your gift to work:

  • Developing educational materials for children, parents, and teachers

  • Training front-line healthcare workers to provide effective liver health information for children and adults

  • Consulting with national agencies to include liver health education in recommendations to address hepatitis, obesity, fatty liver, and other liver-related diseases

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Send to: 
Liver Health Initiative
504 Blick Drive 
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Liver information is important to your health.
Help us help you. 

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