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The Secret To Winning The Battle Of The Bulge

Frustrated with what you see in the mirror?

Confused about what you should and shouldn’t eat?

Exercise is not your favorite word! Boring! Painful!

Let’s take a look inside you to see what’s happening that needs your help.

Did you know that your liver . . . that football sized organ tucked up under your ribs. . .has zillions of liver cells serving as mini chemical factories converting everything you eat, breathe and absorb through your skin into hundreds of life sustaining body parts and functions 24/7?

How do you think you developed strong muscles and bones, have the energy to get up in the morning and work all day, fight off germs when you get sick, stop cuts from bleeding or why you don’t catch every bug that surrounds you, etc.?

Your liver needs the food you eat and especially breakfast to jump start your day and keep you going.

How did your breakfast make its way over to your liver?

It starts with your teeth grinding up the toast, eggs and bacon before sending it on to your stomach where it is mixed with digestive juices. Now in liquid form it travels on to your small intestines.

It is here that a signal is sent to your gall bladder to squirt out some of the bile created by your liver cells over to your intestines. Bile acts as a detergent breaking up the fats into small molecules enabling the vitamins and other essential nutrients in your breakfast to be absorbed through the wall of the intestines to be carried by the portal vein over to your liver.

This is where the zillion of liver cells set miracles in action converting those nutrients into muscles, bones, immune factors, clotting factors and jump starting hundreds of body functions that keep you alive 24/7.

This is where the action is and where you come in. When you overload these miraculous liver cells with starches, sugar and fatty foods their internal “works” can be damaged. This impacts the processing of the nutrients while storing the excess fats throughout your liver (called fatty liver). If you continue bombarding these microscopic miracle workers with potato chips and other snacks, pasta, cookies, greasy burgers, sugary foods and drinks on a daily basis overloading your liver. . . they eventually have to send the excess fats over to your belly and butt.

Look in the mirror. Is your waist line more than 35 inches (women), 40 (men)?

What are you doing to help the remaining healthy liver cells stay healthy to keep you functioning from this day on?

Your liver has NO VOICE to call for HELP . . . It can be in serious trouble without any warning.

Unfortunately you and millions of others never learned why or how to protect your most precious internal life support system from harm. NOW YOU KNOW!!!

Liver information has been and continues to be absent in most schools. If we fail to arm our children with information about why and how to protect their miraculous liver they will continue to be victims of liver related illnesses that could have been prevented. Obesity, fatty liver, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, early onset diabetes and drug and alcohol misuse and abuse are all related to how you take care of your liver. With your help these liver related diseases can be PREVENTED.

The Liver Health Initiative and thousands of doctors and nurses are working to save lives by arming individuals with liver health information.

Prevention starts at home with you . . . today . . . with your decision about what you are feeding your liver, your personal life support system and that of your children.

Your health and their future health depends on your decisions today.

Eat Healthy – Exercise – Dance – Get a good night sleep – Avoid stress – Play and turn off the TV.

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