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Teaching Tools

LHI creates and distributes unique teaching tools, which highlight important liver health messages. 

Young and impressionable minds need encouragement to take an interest in their bodies, especially their life-sustaining liver. The easiest and most effective way to change behaviors is to start with kids.

These tools were created to help young children and their parents learn quick and easy liver health messages that they can apply to their daily lives.

Four young children are looking up eagerly.
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Olivia & Oliver: Meet Your Miraculous Liver Coloring Book

    This coloring book was created as a tool to help children

        and their parents start a dialogue about liver health. 

     Fun and lively characters, Olivia & Oliver, teach children

         why and how to develop healthy behaviors that will

                                   protect their liver. 

 Get To Know Me Brochure

This brochure is a quick and easy read, with valuable liver health information. 

Readers will learn specifics about what functions the liver performs for the body, helping readers understand how their actions and behaviors directly impact the health of their liver. 

Wall of Ignorance Poster

With so much attention being given to "The Wall" lately, we've decided to take a different spin on things with our latest poster. 

Self education and distribution of liver health information will help everyone to climb that Wall of Ignorance about liver health and wellness. Ignorance is the liver's worst enemy. 

How Can You Love Me Brochure

This brochure was the one that started it all.


Having been made over 35 years ago, it was distributed internationally and duplicated in several languages. Readers will become acquainted with their liver and learn why it is so important to take care of their silent internal partner and protector. 

Poster of a wall with humanized livers climbing it and painting words on the wall. The title at the top of the wall is "Wall of Ignorance."
Poster of a liver with angels, tombstones, and text.

Your Liver

    Your Life 

        Your Choice



 LHI Curriculum

More Tools 

  Fatty Liver Card 

Apple Energy Story

Flashlight Activity

Teachers serve as "surrogate parents" while children are at school, helping them develop a foundation of knowledge that will carry them through life.

Liver health education is a critical component of this foundation and ties into conversations about nutrition, physical activity, disease, and drug abuse prevention.

LHI strives to support the vital role teachers play in educating young children about their bodies and how to take care of them.


Our tools and messages facilitate classroom learning and open a dialogue about maintaining healthy lifestyles. Scroll through for Teaching Modules, Lesson Plans, Class Activities, and Testimonials from other educators!


Teacher's Corner

LHI Outreach Worker Training Script

Outreach Worker Powerpoint



Give Your Liver A Break 

Originally created by Thelma King Thiel with the Hepatitis Foundation International, Give Your Liver A Break is an entertaining take on learning about the good ol' liver. 

Liver health education comes alive, with the help of our fun-loving character "Lenny the Liver"!

Live - R - Die

Originally created by Thelma King Thiel with the Hepatitis Foundation International. 

Give teenagers and young adults a wake-up call with this powerful video, depicting the dangerous consequences that drugs, alcohol, and other risky behaviors can have on their liver, and their life.

        The Silent Killer

Originally created by Thelma King Thiel with the Hepatitis Foundation International. 

This eye-catching video sheds light on the dangers of

exposure to viral hepatitis and the personal impact 

infection can cause. This underscores the importance of protecting your liver and your life from potential infection.