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We Are the Voice of the Liver

The Liver Health Initiative is a 501c3 organization dedicated to promoting healthy food and lifestyle behaviors and prevention of liver related diseases through multifaceted liver health education programs.

Our Mission 

LHI strives to make liver health education a top priority on the national agenda. 


Promoting education about the liver will empower individuals to make informed and healthier food and lifestyle choices, improve compliance and treatment outcomes, and reduce the incidence of preventable, chronic liver-related diseases, including obesity, fatty liver, hepatitis, atherosclerosis, early onset diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, and drug and alcohol misuse and abuse.

Goals & Objectives

  • Create national awareness of the liver and liver health to empower individuals to assess their own risk behaviors to seek testing/comply with treatment regimens

  • Collaborate with NGO’s, government, and community agencies to promote liver health education, i.e. HRSA, AIDS Institute, SAMHSA, CDC, AAP, OMH, NASPGHAN, NAPNAP, etc.

  • Encourage legislation to require liver health education in government organizations, the military, and schools, from Pre-K - Grade 12

  • Acquire data regarding the effectiveness of liver health education in helping individuals identify and modify risky behaviors

  • Create educational materials/curricula/programs for school-aged children

  • Develop materials for adults and corporate wellness programs

  • Mount social media campaigns re liver health/wellness

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